Register App

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated 10.24.2019

Getting Started

How much does the Register App cost?

The Register App is free so you can easily keep track of all the products you own and have the information you need from the palm of your hand – at home or on the go!

Do I have to create an account to use the Register App?

Yes. By creating an account and providing some information about yourself, we can personalize your experience and securely provide you with the information you need, when you want it.

I’ve never registered a product before. Why should I?

There are many reasons to register the products you own. One is so the manufacturer of the product knows you own the product so they can provide you a better ownership experience. For example, if you need help or support with your product, the brand can assist you faster. Another reason to register is you can choose to receive product information, updates, recall notices or special offers directly from the brands you own.

Getting the Most from Register

If I add the stuff I own to the app, am I registering it with the manufacturer?

When you add a product using the App you are adding it to your personal digital inventory. If the brand you own is one of the participating brands in the App, the brand will receive your name, contact information and product information. That product (or products) becomes verified since the brand knows you own the product.

If you add a product that isn’t from a participating brand, the product(s) are still in your personal app inventory, but the information is not sent to the brand immediately. If/when a brand chooses to participate in the App, your products will become verified.

How do I see my previous registrations?

After you create your Register App account, any previous registrations with participating brands that are in the database will automatically be available in the App under My Products.

Why don’t I see all of my existing registrations?

If we don’t have an existing registration it’s usually for one of two reasons: one, the brand was not participating in Register at the time you registered the product; or two, the brand is not yet a participating brand.

I can’t remember if I registered some of the products I own. Can I add them to the app?

Yes, if you don’t see your products in your My Products page, you can them to the App using the + Add button at the bottom of the screen.

What does that yellow badge mean? What is a “verified registration”?

The yellow badge is an indicator for whether a registration has been verified with the brand. A filled in badge, with the check mark, means we have all the information we need from you, and the registration has been shared with the brand.

If there is an outline of a verified badge but is not filled in, that indicates a registration that is eligible to be verified but has not been yet because we still need more information from you, either model and/or purchase date. The brand needs this information to verify a registration. If no badge appears, it means either the brand is not a participating brand (yet) in Register, or there is no brand for that item (see question below).

What is a participating Brand?

A participating brand is a brand that participates in Register. As you can see in the App, we have many brands already and are frequently adding more.

Can I add products that don’t have a brand (for example, items for insurance purposes)?

Absolutely. You can add any product you want, even if it cannot be registered. This includes items such as art, jewelry and heirlooms. Just go to Add Product, then Product Finder, then select Unspecified. Add a photo and name the item, and it will appear in your Home tab. You can also upload a receipt if you have one.

What if I own multiple homes or properties? Can the app store organize my product information by location?

It sure can! You can organize your products by room and multiple properties such as your primary residence, rental properties or vacation home. You can easily add properties by going to My Account > Properties > Add Property.

Managing Preferences

Can the brands send me information such as product news or special offers?

Yes, but only the brands that you designate to receive information from like product notifications and special offers. You can choose which brands you want information from in My Account > Message Preferences.

What should I do if I sell my home or products that I have stored in the app?

You can delete the property (see My Properties) and/or you can delete the specific items you have in that property. You can also move the items to another room or property if you plan to keep them.

What happens to my information if I delete the app? Can I find the information someplace else?

Although you need the Register App to view your digital inventory of products, all Verified registrations will still be registered with the respective brands even if you delete the app.

Support From Brands

How does the Register App help me get service or support from brands?

For every product you add to the App, there is a Support tab. You can go to the product and select the Support section. There you will find contact information for the brand such as phone numbers or email addresses. Or you can choose to send a message directly from the app using a simple form on the Support page (for participating brands only).

How do I get help with the app?

To receive help with the App, go to the My Account section and select Feedback and Support. You can submit questions about using Register and you can also provide suggestions. We’ll respond to your questions and feedback as quickly as we can.

When will the app be available for Android? When will it be available outside of the U.S.?

The Register App will initially be available only in the U.S. for iOS, followed by Android in early 2020. Global availability is anticipated around the same time as the Android version.