Register App


Last Updated 10.24.2019

Thank you for using Register, a great way to register directly with brands, get access to helpful brand and product information, and store all you own in one place!

What is the benefit of registering products you own? Basically, you are telling the brand that you own their product, allowing you to receive product updates, improved support, and other important information that will enhance your ownership experience.

How does Register connect you directly with brands? Registria, the company behind Register, has long-standing relationships with brands – in fact we handle the registration and related processes for many of the brands you buy. Our mission is to help improve the ownership experience you receive from those brands. As a result, if you agree below, we and our brand partners will present you products you have registered previously and allow you to automatically upload them into Register. Products can also be registered through the app only with brands that participate in Register (and, we constantly add new brands).

We also want to help you manage the communications you receive from brands which participate in Register. In your Settings, you can specify which brands you wish to have communicate with you via the app. Those communications could include product info and updates, tips and tricks, service needs, special offers, loyalty programs, etc.. You can change those settings whenever you want.

You can even file a support ticket directly with the brand, and check your warranty and care plan, if you have them.

By agreeing you allow us to tell the brand you own their product. You are also agreeing to allow us to present your products you have registered previously, so you can have all of them in one place in the Register App. You also agree that Registria owns all aggregated data and any enhancements, derivative works, or other intellectual property or works developed by Registria based on the aggregated data. Importantly, the aggregated data is de-personalized so a specific person cannot be identified.

After you identify a product you wish to register, we share that registration information only with that specific brand. Except as otherwise described in the Register Privacy Policy, your personally identifiable information is not disclosed in this process or provided to third parties not approved by you.

Thanks for using Register! And please send us any feedback on ways we can make the app more valuable for you!